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Entry Condition for Foundry Industry to Be Release
From:China Metallurgical News    Date Time:2013/4/12 10:48:40

The experts said that it’s time for China’s foundry industry to implement entry conditions. Relevant documents are expected to release formally by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

It is reported that the research, experimental unit and revise of the entry conditions of the foundry industry have been complicated up to now. The entry conditions setup barriers for the foundry industry in construction conditions, production technology and equipment, solid waste processing, enterprise scale, product quality, energy consumption, environmental protection, occupational health, labor protection and quality of personnel, etc. The implementation of entry conditions is conducive to meet the requirements of current industrial structure adjustment, transformation and upgrading, promote industry-wide energy conservation, eliminate laggard capacity, curb the low-level redundant construction and blind expansion in foundry industry and, protect the ecological environment, and guide the sustainable development of the foundry industry.