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International Division of Labor- China Casting Mol
From:   Date Time:2013/4/12 10:49:07

According to current development situation, the international division of labor in the casting mold industry is forming. Under the pressures of cost, a large number of foreign merchants are purchasing castings in China, and has even set up casting production base. It is foreseeable that over a long period in the future, China will continue to bear the manufacturing tasks of international non-ferrous metal castings and products. On the other hand, due to the tireless efforts of colleagues in the casting mold industry, the level and the capacity of casting mold production in China have been greatly improved, and the gap between quality of the mold in China and that in advanced industrial countries is gradually narrowing. The sharp increase in foreign purchases is driven by the low prices, and the huge overseas mold market demand has greatly promoted the thriving of China’s mold industry.

Currently, the domestic market of casting mold is extremely active. As China's economy has maintained sustained growth, the foundry industry will maintain rapid growth and promote the development of casting mold manufacturing industry. Industry experts said that a reasonable division of labor will in large part drive the domestic casting mold industry. It is expected that the overall needs of the casting mold in the future will have a great room for further development.