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Staff of Huaou Prevented Fire and Promoted Safety
From:Internal News    Date Time:2013/4/12 9:57:17

At nine o'clock in the morning on April 17th, 2013, a series of rapid cries for help burst outside of Qingdao Huaou Group Sihai Casting Co., Ltd. At that time the machinery workers Chen Wenye was delivering goods at the gate, when he suddenly saw clean-keeper Aunt Lee crying “Fire fighting, Fire fighting!” Chen accompanied Aunt Lee to the left side of the company, where previously was the Information Building of Datang Huangdao Power Generation Company, and figured out the reason of fire. It turned out that Aunt Lee wanted to burn piles of leaves in the corner, but she did not expect the spring wind brought the flames onto the Information Building (small cottage roof). And because the building was built of polystyrene foam (plastic foam), it soon began to burn too.


At this time mechanical class leader An Baolei also came to the scene of the accident. He comforted Aunt Lee, and also found a faucet inside the courtyard of Information Building. After making sure there was water in the faucet, he quickly ran back to the company, went straight to the maintenance workshop, found the maintenance workshop deputy director Mao Chuanlin and took a pipe. Then An Baolei, Mao Chuanlin and Gao Sizhang all returned to the scene of the accident, connected the pipe with the faucet, turned on the tap, and put out the fire source until no sparks; At the same time, Lee Benyan in the reception office also called 119 fire call. 

In 4-5 minutes, firefighters rushed to the scene of the accident when the fire had already been put out. They then inquired about the cause of the fire, the fire fighting process and each person's name and other related information, photographed and then leave. 


In this fire accident, these employees performed rapid emergency-response speed and high fire-fighting quality, which shows company leaders’ focus and persistence on safety management throughout the enterprise, as well as the new level of safety production under the guidance and assistance of company leaders in Qingdao Huaou Group Sihai Casting Co., Ltd.