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Fire Protection Exercise in 2013
From:Internal News   Date Time:2013/4/12 10:08:59

In accordance with the relevant requirements of the "Fire Act" and the safe operation of the Group, Qingdao Huaou Group Sihai Casting Co., Ltd. organized fire protection exercise on March 29th, 2013, in key areas of fire protection. The whole process was successful and orderly, eliminating hidden dangers of fire protection in time.

The processes are as follows:

1.Once finding the fire, all the staff immediately evacuated and the designated officer cut off the power;

2.According to the fire size, chose whether to report to the company or call the fire alarm call. the target to put out the blaze; at the same time, two other security personnel opened fire hose, and unscrewed fire valve to fight on the fire source.

4.After confirming there were no sparks, put back the fire extinguisher, screwed the fire valve and put back the fire hose.

5.Within one hour of the accident, reported to the Quality & Safety Ministry of the Group by telephone, mail and fax.

This exercise has achieved its targets.