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New Strategy, New Objectives, New Journey: Recordi
From:本站   Date Time:2019/5/6 13:18:41
     On December 6, 2017, Qingdao New Coastal New Area State-owned Enterprise Qingdao Development Zone Investment and Construction Group Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Huaou Group Co., Ltd. signed a strategic restructuring agreement. Sihai Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the subsidiaries of Huaou Group and joined the Open Investment Group with Huaou Group.
    Kaidu Investment Group is a state-owned enterprise in the West Coast New Area of Qingdao, with registered capital of 2 billion yuan. It undertakes the tasks of development, construction and investment and financing of Qingdao Development Zone and Wangtai New Kinetic Energy Industrial Base. There are more than 40 wholly-owned, holding and shareholding subsidiaries under Kaidu Investment Group. It is a comprehensive enterprise group with regional development and construction, financial investment, international trade and intelligent manufacturing as its main business.
    At the beginning of the strategic reorganization, Comrade Zhang Zhimin, member of the CPC Committee, Vice General Manager and General Manager of China-Europe Group, made a general statement on the future strategy and business ideas of China-Europe Group. The vocabulary and deployment of new and old momentum conversion, submarine tunnel and new zone strategy should be combined with China-Europe Group to be the main force and leader in the development and construction of the national new zone (Qingxi New Area). Soldiers.

    Sihai Machinery Company, as a subsidiary company of China-Europe Group, has long-term stable revenue and profits to ensure a stable cash flow for the Group, and gradually adjusts its main business to the production, processing, installation and maintenance of mechanical parts. On the basis of its main business, Sihai Machinery Company reduces risks at home, makes efforts to become an operating enterprise after the business is contracted and accepted, and strengthens its upstream and downstream operations. The task of industrial chain and expanding trade and network marketing platform to build brand awareness, Sihai Machinery Co., Ltd. strictly controls internal risks, expands transformation from outside, improves political position, and strives to accomplish the two main tasks of "innovation and development as the center, safety production and transformation and upgrading" to achieve 153130111 Project in accordance with the general business ideas of General Manager Zhang Zhimin. "153130111 Project" will achieve revenue of 1.5 billion yuan in 2019, pay off 30 million yuan in arrears, profit of 10 million yuan, net assets of more than 3 billion yuan, complete a transformation and upgrading of the sector, add a new medical and pension industry, add and operate a management system of early childhood education.

General Manager Zhang Zhimin went to Sihai Machinery Company for inspection and guidance

    Sihai Machinery Company has become a state-owned enterprise in the region. The previous downturn has been swept away. The company's foundation and hope are composed of words such as shoulder, responsibility and leading soldier. It is believed that under the strategic framework of the group, Sihai Machinery Company will work hard with advanced management ideas and persevere in the practice and spirit of arduous struggle. Sihai Machinery Company will work with customers of the nature of partners and will not have in-depth contact with the high level inside and outside the industry. Let's create a better tomorrow together.